Old Oaks

Scott Sparks
Scott Sparks


gonna re-read the funnies
disregard the inertia
sadi drew a lesson on me
old oaks can be knocked down
you can hear the whining of the wind
you can listen to the demons
or hear what the angels have to say
lord, its easy to go down
when the lost can’t replace the found
just got to keep from dyin all day
there was talk of balance
singing highs but mostly lows
and will i decide to be free
like a river that’s been damned
well i used to be a promise land
running from the light
well some need the darkness to see
there are  moments in the day
when i swear i have found a way
just to keep from dying all day
there were habits all around
slammin nails in the coffin
and will i learn from history
look at all these lessons
i see them in every face i see
yea everyone’s a lesson
i thank god you were a lesson to me
you know i had forgotten how
to forget the price that you pay
and just to keep from dyin all day

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