Heaven Through the Haze

Scott Sparks
Scott Sparks


Too close to the floor now
To duck any further
My old fears hang around
Like old ugly drapes
And every time I open them
Hopin' to see through
I'm peering at my same old gaze
Now you can throw your smile around
Have the countenance of the happy
You throw your teardrops down
Just so you can see
Heaven burnin' through the haze
Through the bullet wounds
And the smoggy taste
Through the anger
And the tragic waste
There's something always blooming
I can stand taller
Nearly all of the time
But I tend to slouch in the corner
My light burns but for an instant
Just a flicker in the storm
But you gotta define belief
So carefully
If it matters at all
What you'll say
You gotta look so close that it’s a chore
Just to know all you miss along the way
And heaven's burnin through the haze
Through the bullet wounds and the smoggy haze
Through the anger and the tragic waste
Something's always bloomin

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