Chemical Clergy

Scott Sparks
Scott Sparks


Layin around like he’s lost in a cave
Can’t find the calendar where he marked the date
Can’t remember what
The date was
It used to be less contrived than this
Almost everyone agrees
Some try to change their fate
And some of us believe
In chemical clergy
And the light on this river
At 5 am
Is so pretty it makes me feel guilty
Without the aids on which we all depend
In the times of the chemical clergy
Passed the lion down at the zoo
He seems to live a lot like we do
And this routine’s gonna kill me
Does he dream about where he came from?
Some African hill where his ancestors run
But a pretty good meal so easily comes
2 or 3 times daily
And the light on the river at 5am
Is just so pretty it’s scary
No golden harp, but a silver guitar
Me and my girl could just hop in the car
On a long lucky mile, forget who we are
And dream of what we will be
And this routine’s gonna kill me
I been gone so long now
I can’t imagine anybody there
Its what I do If there’s a message waiting
A clockwise occupation on a chair
The beauty of the gorge line
I could tell you of
Do you see injustice in the fair?
And the light on this river at 5am
Is just enough to go through me

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